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Music is powerful.  Videos for that music can be even more powerful.  Those were my thoughts this morning as I watched a Katy Perry video for her new song “Firework”.  The imagery of fireworks shooting out from everyone’s chest along with lyrics that encourage doing and being something great is inspiring.  Of course I find inspiration in just about anything and yes, I know, what is a grown man doing watching a Katy Perry video.  Ha, it is what it is.

Initially the sight of stuff shooting out of Katy’s chest was a little crazy but as the song progressed I realized how much power there was in this message.  Do you know how many people around us need to hear this today?  Can you imagine how many coworkers or classmates you might have that feel worthless or feel like life has not been very good to them?  We could all use a little encouragement to be something bigger and better.  We could all benefit from a push to show the world what we’re worth.  Because in reality, everyone one of us is worth more than we know.

We live in a world that can be very unfriendly to those that don’t look a certain way or that don’t act a certain way.  This world puts a lot of value on image, money, and status, things that say very little about who a person really is.  Be whoever you are today and “shoot the finger” to the world.  You are who are.  Embrace who you are.  Shoot your fireworks from your chest proudly.  And don’t just settle for little fireworks like black cats or those gay little sparklers that you hold in your hand and wave around.  Let your fireworks be the “Big Tex” package that you always see sitting on the top shelf at the fireworks stand.  Light that thing up and let everyone sit back in amazement, as you shine brighter than any of the little bottle rockets and roman candles on the block.

You’re worth more than you know.  Show the world.  Blow something up.

– Hector