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It’s not a secret that I love riding bikes.  Anyone that knows me or kinda knows me understands that most of what i do in life revolves around the bike industry.  I’ve been riding bikes all my life, or at least since I was like 7 or 8, and since I was in high school I’ve been attempting to kill myself by doing stunts and tricks on any kind of bike I can get my hands on.  It’s what I do and it’s basically who i am.  🙂

There’s something about riding a bike that I really can’t explain.  And i know lots of other people that feel the same way.  But last night, while hanging out with some friends one of them explained this in the most simple way ever.  I brought up the subject and stated “Man, I don’t know what it is, but i LOVE just getting on my bike and riding”.  I followed that with “there’s just something about riding that I can’t explain.  What is it?”.  Without much hesitation or thought, my friend Miquel stated “it’s because it makes us feel like kids again”.  And there it was.  The easy explanation to it all and the most accurate that I’ve ever heard.

Go through a neighborhood or pass by a park during a nice day and you’ll see kids having fun on their bicycles.  What do kids seem to always want for Christmas?  That’s right, they want a bicycle.  Riding a bicycle allows us to go fast, it gives us a little more power, and the ride, simply put, is just FUN!

No matter how old you are, there’s a desire in all of us to be younger.  Some of us go as far as wishing that we were kids again.  A kid’s #1 goal every day is to have as much fun as possible.  They don’t have to worry about bills, performing well at their job, taking care of a family, or any other type of responsibilities.  They exist simply to have fun, and that’s the life that we would all love to have again.

But why wish to be younger or be a kid again?  We’re adults.  We can come and go as we please.  We can drive a car.  We can stay out as late as we want, and if money permits, we can buy whatever “toys” we want.  We have the time and power to have as much fun as possible.  If i want to get on my bike and go for a ride at midnight, I can do that.  If I want to go to the beach today, i can do that as well.  Basically, being the adults that we are gives us the power to be as much of a kid as we want to.

I guess this is how I live.  I don’t allow my age to dictate what I can and cannot do.  Of course my body will remind me at times that I’m not a teenager any longer, but I’ll at least give it the opportunity to tell me that.  I live day to day like everyone else, but I like to mix my thinking with what a kid would normally wake up thinking.  “How much fun can I have today?”.  Let that be your question today or tomorrow morning.  Allow the “kid” in you to come out regularly and have fun.  Life is too short to be an adult your whole life.  Enjoy your weekend and thanks for reading.

– Hector


I know, the last blog post in here is dated August 29th.  Those very few followers that I may have had for a little while are probably wondering where i’ve been or disappeared altogether, just as I have.  My intentions for this blog were to be a source of encouragement for readers and provide inspiration for others to “make a shift” and do something awesome with their lives.

Well, that would have been kinda hard over the past few months, especially with a lot that’s been going on in my life.  There hasn’t been a whole lot of encouragement to give out since I myself have been the one needing to be encouraged.  Yes, these past few months have been crazy and life changing.  Lots of ups and downs, but I’m working through them and learning from it all.

If i had anything to share with you today, it would be this.  This life is not easy and it was never intended to be “easy”.  We are going to face challenges everyday.  Some of them will be small and others will bring us to our knees, but they are what they are.  What we do with these challenges and what we learn from them is the big question.  We all handle trials differently.  Some of us try to run from them.  Others react negatively.  And some of us embrace them.  However you handle the challenges in your life, don’t do it alone.  Hopefully we all have family, friends, or other people in our lives that we can turn to for support.  And if you believe in God or a “higher” power, allow Him to walk with you through this.  He can prove to be the best friend you ever had while going through your “stuff”.

I’ll be back to blogging regularly very soon.  I love to write and it’s very therapeutic.  My next post will include an update about a children’s book i’m working on.  Thanks to a good friend of mine who helped push me to get it started.  I now need to follow through with it and get it done.  thanks for following and visiting.

– Hector

Yo Men, what up?

January 27, 2009 — Leave a comment

drunkI’m amazed, on a daily basis, at how uncivilized people can be.  And I’m talking about grown men and women here.  Kids and teenagers don’t surprise me with their attitudes and behavior because they’re still growing and teenagers, well, they’re teenagers.  But when I run into a grown man that doesn’t know how to communicate, doesn’t know how to treat a woman, has no clue on how to raise his children, and doesn’t know how to resolve conflict without his “fists”, it makes me want to slap somebody!   Ha, there I go, wanting to use my “fists” too.  funny.

But seriously, it’s no laughing matter and the only question I’m left with to ask is “why?”.  You’d figure that by the time someone reached their mid 30’s that they would have learned how to function like a civilized, mature adult.  So why is that we have thousands, if not millions of men running around with no clue?

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For the past 2 years there’s one word that we’ve heard repeatedly, whether we liked it or not and whether it meant anything or not.  That word is “change”, and it was promised to the whole world from now President Barack Obama.  Whether we see true change come out of this new administration is questionable, but one thing is for certain, change, whether good or bad, is going to take place.

Through SHIFT, I’ll provide anything and everything that has to do with helping us all with “real” change in our lives.  I’ll provide as many stories, tips, tricks, and resources that will push your life and ministry one step further.  The information provided through this blog will be raw and uncensored, with providing truth being my number one goal.

With that said, come by every day and get a good dose of whatever it is we have for you.  Sometimes it’ll be a light breakfast, and other times some good healthy meat.  Just come hungry.  And if your mom’s name is Kathy, then “Word to Kathy!” (whatever  your mom’s name is, insert it in place of Kathy)