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March 16, 2011 — Leave a comment

Since I created a facebook account over 2 years ago, I’ve reconnected with so many friends and family.  I’ll get a message or friend request from someone I knew some 10 – 15 years ago at least once a month.  Most of the time I accept these new friend requests, unless the person is straight up crazy.  ha.

Well, I received a random message recently from an old friend that was very encouraging.  We don’t know how powerful our words are until someone comes to you later with a message like his.  Here is what he said:

“Hey brotha! I just felt to tell you this, or remind you of something you told me along time ago that has always echoed in my mind. I was attempting that handrail at the original Dex skate park one time and crashed, i got upset and threw my bike from off of me and said, ” i hate this @%!#$@ bike!”, and you were right there and looked to me and said, “it’s not the bike . . . it’s the rider.” I have always took that as this, its not what we are going through, but how we go through it. I have really never kept it in practice, but i have never forgotten that… You may not have meant it that way or you may have, but i took it that way i guess because i knew i was not living right way back then and for a long time after… So i’m just saying thanks for speaking up.”

I’m pretty certain that I was just being Hector when I made that sarcastic statement, but it’s interesting what he got out of it and what it even means to him to this day.  He also has no idea how timely his message to me was.  It was very encouraging and exactly what I needed to hear that day.

We’re all going through something I’m sure.  Some more than others.  How we go through it or who we go through it with is what’s important.  With what has recently happened in Japan, I want to dedicate this post to our Japanese friends.  If we put things in perspective, I’m sure most of us could say that nothing we’re going through right now could compare to what that country is currently dealing with.  Entire villages/towns were wiped away in minutes.  Thousands of families are without homes and many will never find their missing loved ones.  Is one person’s crisis greater than another?  Not sure.  It all comes down to perspective.  Your car broke down and you have no money to fix it?  Ok, sorry about that, but think about the family who had to watch their entire town disappear before their eyes as one giant wave of water picked it up and carried it away.  Makes that car issue sound a little small doesn’t it?

Whatever you’re going through, just remember  “it’s not what we are going through, but how we go through it”.  Perspective.  God.  Friends.  Family.  Your loyal little puppy who licks your face when you’re crying.  The key is to GET THROUGH it.  The Japanese have a word or phrase “Ganbaru”.  It translates to mean “never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever give up!”

Ganbaru everyone.  Ganbaru.

– Hector