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Those of you who have been following Homie’s story as of this past week, thank you for your kind words and prayers.  We really really appreciate it.  Tuesday was when we rushed him to the vet because of his symptoms, and it didn’t look good for him.  We found out that he has Idiopathic Vascular disease, which is a disease that basically affects his balance, equilibrium, and other areas of coordination.  Homie basically walks around like a drunk person with his head cocked to the side all the time, as if he’s saying “Huh?”.   It’s Saturday and we’re pleased to say that Homie looks like he’s already improving.  He’s still walking around like he’s hungover, but he gets up a little more often and he’s starting to bark again.  We’ll know he’s doing super good when he starts grabbing his decapitated stuffed toy and ripping it’s cotton ball guts out.

We’ve been touched by everyone’s interest and concern about Homie, which is tight, considering he’s just a dog.  But is he really “just a dog”?  To us he’s like a son, and for those of you that don’t share the same passion for animals as we do, I’m sure it’s hard for you to understand this.  It’s funny because a friend of Minette’s from work didn’t see the “big deal” regarding Homie, because in his part of the world, dogs are just dirty animals that roam the streets and occassionally get eaten by humans.  We’d never eat Homie though, unless I was really really really hungry, but even then I’d have to have a few side dishes like mashed potatoes and gravy, corn on the cob, and some corn bread.  mmmm.  🙂

With Homie being sick this past week, it had me and my wife recalling many cool and crazy Homie stories since his puppy days.  One that comes to mind that we always rememeber was how much he use to love chewing stuff.  He once chewed up my glasses and we found them in pieces in the living room as if he was eating potatoes chips.  Another time I found my cell phone lying on the floor with huge teeth bites and a crushed screen.  He’s chewed up the corners of a coffee table, chewed paint off of a brick fire place, would always chew the wood base board underneath the windows, would ram his head into our wooden fence and break planks so that he could sit there and chew on them, and a stuffed animal never lasts one day after homie rips its eyes off first, then the head, then its guts.  He had and still has issues, but we love those “issues” and have a lot of good memories with this dog.

We’re hoping to see Homie recover a lot more over the next couple of weeks and pray for the best.  He’s still very healthy, has a lot of energy and though being 12.568 years old, he still acts like a puppy.  We’ll keep everyone updated on his progress, and I think i’ll pull up some old pics and throw up a gallery this week.  Thanks again to every for caring.  Homie says “Word to your mother” and that he’s a gangsta.  ha.

– @hectorgarcia

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