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Saturday night for me involved two things:  1) a very jacked up stomach after eating a footlong coney deal from Sonic  2) total shock in seeing champion MMA fighter Ronda Rousey get knocked out by Holly Holm with a very precise kick to the neck.  The latter was of course the worse, while Sonic came in a close second.  I must have made at least 5 or 6 trips to the bathroom at my friend’s house that night, leaving them questioning what the hell was going on after bathroom visit number 2 or 3.  I hadn’t had a hot dog from Sonic in a long time and that will be definitely be my last.

For Ronda, we all know that this won’t be her last fight.  Saturday’s knock out was such a surprise to everyone and the awe of her defeat could be felt around the world via Instagram and Facebook.  The memes that followed were hilarious and they’re still coming, with one of my favorites being her beat up face being compared to Sloth, the monster on the movie Goonies.  She could be Sloth’s twin for sure.

I’ve always been a fan of Ronda and I’ll continue to be.  I’m also now a fan of Holly, who I knew very little about before this fight.  All this defeat will do for Ronda is piss her off and force her to make a lot of changes in the way she fights.  Once she recovers from this big blow, she’ll be back in the gym and I’m sure we’ll hear about a rematch date soon.  Until then I feel that there’s a lot we can learn from this upset and like every other event, I can find a life lesson or two that will hopefully help us as we walk and fight through life today.  I’d like to say that this is advice that I would give to Ronda, but I’m sure that she doesn’t need anyone to tell her what she already plans on doing.


The only thing that Ronda can do after a fight like this past Saturday’s is to simply get back up.  One thing that I wish she would have done differently after the fight is to have held her head up while her and Holly were standing in center ring waiting for the winner to be announced.  She looked down the entire time which I’m sure she did out of utter embarrassment and shame but isn’t this how we all feel when we fall or get “knocked out”?

After a failure in life I’m sure that for many our immediate reaction is to hang our head low and crawl into a hole and hide for a while.  I’ve had my share of failures in life and I’ve either done the same thing or wanted to, but life will go on without us and we can’t hide out for too long.  Not “getting back up” is quitting and no one wants to be a quitter, right?

One quality that I’ve learned about myself over the years is that I’m not a quitter, something I can say I’m proud of.  I’ve made so many mistakes in life, in both business and personal, but one thing I wont’ do is quit.  If I believe in something enough I’ll keep going until I see it succeed.  If I’m in love with someone and we’re struggling, I won’t quit, I’ll keep walking with that person until we find light at the end of our tunnel.  Quitting is not an option for me and I know that I have years and years of falling to do, but I’ll just keep getting back up, dusting myself off, and learn from my mistakes.


I guarantee you that the first thoughts in Ronda’s mind after getting knocked out were “what did i do wrong?” and “what could I have done differently?”.  Yes, I’m sure there was also a “where am I?” in there too.  These first two questions are what she immediately thought when she woke up Sunday morning in addition to a good “LOL!!” as she came across her photo comparison to Sloth from Goonies.  She’ll have a lot of regret moving forward but all she can do at this moment is work to learn from her mistakes.

One of life’s best teachers is failure.  Many times it isn’t until we fail that we finally “get it” and learn what we wish we could have learned a long time ago.  Failure also exposes weaknesses that we never knew were present, and failure seems to be the ONLY thing that can do that sometimes.  This fight with Holly exposed so many weaknesses and holes in Ronda’s fight game and in the end, I believe that this will only make her a better fighter.

One of my most recent life failures put me in a position of humility and caused me to inspect myself in a way that I never have before.  It forced me to spend a lot of time alone, where I did nothing but write and evaluate what contributed to my mistakes.  I have a true desire to learn from my failures and just as Ronda will become a better fighter for doing so, I know that I will become a better person.  It’s one thing to fall and get back up, but it’s a completely different challenge to actually WANT to learn from your mistakes.  It’s easy to get back up, mainly because you have no other choice, but if you’re not diligent about making changes that will help keep you from making the same mistakes, then you’re sure to fall again and you’ll keep falling until you decide to learn.


I’m anxious to see what the future has in store for both of these fighters, especially Ronda.  What’s funny is that I’ve always been the person who hate’s seeing people lose.  I’m the guy that will feel more emotion for the team that loses than I do for the one that wins.  I don’t know why this is, but I just hate seeing people lose or fail, and man I hated seeing Ronda go down the way she did.  BUT, we all know that this won’t stop her and she will keep fighting.  It’s what she does.

If you keep up with this blog then you probably pick up on a pattern by now and know that my constant encouragement to you is to “not give up”, “keep moving”, “be a better person” and “keep fighting”.  I can only share the way I do because, as I’m sure is the case with many of you, life can suck and everyday there are challenges.  We all need someone in our corner cheering us on, encouraging us to keep fighting and not give up.  And that’s my goal every time I post something in SHIFT, to encourage you, with the hope that in some small way my words will help you “win” today.

I want to see everyone WIN today and everyday.  I want to see individuals do great things and create awesomeness in anything that they are doing or trying to do.  I want so see someone’s small business endeavor take off and blow up into something they never expected.  I want to see people be the best at what they do and become better everyday.  I want to see couples fight for each other, not give up on one another, and love like they never loved before.  I don’t want to see anyone get knocked down and stay down, I want to see them get up with a vengeance and become better human beings because of the knock down.

Life will try to beat us up everyday, but we don’t have to be knocked out.  If that’s the case, get your ass up, shake it off, learn from your mistakes and get back in there and keep fighting.  Kick some ass today and encourage others to do the same.  And be nice to Ronda today.  She may have lost but she’s not done yet.  She’ll be back and I’ll be watching, this time without a coney deal.

– @hectorgarciahtx