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I’m 37 years old.  I don’t act my age and many people always tell me that I look 10 years younger.  Ha, those are definitely compliments.  At my age I’m still riding bmx bikes and riding around with people half my age and fitting right in (I think).  I don’t have to try hard, it’s just who I am.  Yeah, I would say that I’m basically one big kid trapped in a man’s body.  A very beautiful body by the way.  haha.  Kidding of course.  No, really.

I’m definitely a Toys-R-Us kid and have no intentions of “growing up” anytime soon.  It’s funny because at family parties I always find myself hanging out with the kids and without fail, if there is a moonwalk at one of these parties, I end up inside.  I don’t know why.

This “kid” inside of me is something I embrace though.  You hear people all the time complaining about aging too quickly and wishing they were 20 years younger.  Ha, I don’t complain, I just do what I feel in my heart and if this heart wants to play around on a bmx bike until it’s 5o years old, I probably will.  Why should kids be the only ones allowed in moonwalks or on slip-n-slides anyway?  We only live once.  Live like you mean it.  And like my Facebook friend Gengis Suarez says it, “Live Hard”.

Well, if there really is a “kid” inside of me, I’m discovering it even more as I work on a new children’s book.  The idea came through a Facebook contest where a friend was asking “friends” to share stories on how they met him (friend is Drew Canole).  I decided to enter and since I’ve never met Drew, I could only make up a story.  Less than 5 minutes later my story involved Drew riding around on a vespa scooter with his puppy who’s name was “Puppy”, they crashed into a light pole, were thrown into the snow, I heard the crash while cutting wood with no shirt on so that my abs could breathe, and by the end of this story I was carrying Drew and Puppy up a hill and doctoring them by a warm fire.  Ha, as crazy as this story sounds, it was super funny at the time and sparked the beginnings of an idea for a number of kid’s books.

I started working on this concept a couple of months ago and with the help of a wonderful friend, I was inspired to develop these characters along with many others.  What started out as one book idea is now a series, all with a very good and encouraging message.  The books will fall under the title “The Adventures of Drew & Puppy” and will chronicle the life of these two partners as they travel their town and possibly the country in search of the ultimate adventure.  In their search they find themselves in situations that teach them that the ultimate adventure is not in climbing mountains or exploring new territory, but in meeting new people and helping others and doing good.

I’m picking the writing back up and finishing up this first book soon.  I’m doing all of the illustrations myself and may get some help from other designers.  The image above is the cover of the first book with Drew and Puppy chillin on their Vespa scooter.  The release will be something we do in conjunction with a huge party and benefit.  I’ll keep everyone posted through Facebook and this blog.  I’m hoping that these books make a difference in kid’s lives and help create a “Shift” in them early on.

– Hector


I know, the last blog post in here is dated August 29th.  Those very few followers that I may have had for a little while are probably wondering where i’ve been or disappeared altogether, just as I have.  My intentions for this blog were to be a source of encouragement for readers and provide inspiration for others to “make a shift” and do something awesome with their lives.

Well, that would have been kinda hard over the past few months, especially with a lot that’s been going on in my life.  There hasn’t been a whole lot of encouragement to give out since I myself have been the one needing to be encouraged.  Yes, these past few months have been crazy and life changing.  Lots of ups and downs, but I’m working through them and learning from it all.

If i had anything to share with you today, it would be this.  This life is not easy and it was never intended to be “easy”.  We are going to face challenges everyday.  Some of them will be small and others will bring us to our knees, but they are what they are.  What we do with these challenges and what we learn from them is the big question.  We all handle trials differently.  Some of us try to run from them.  Others react negatively.  And some of us embrace them.  However you handle the challenges in your life, don’t do it alone.  Hopefully we all have family, friends, or other people in our lives that we can turn to for support.  And if you believe in God or a “higher” power, allow Him to walk with you through this.  He can prove to be the best friend you ever had while going through your “stuff”.

I’ll be back to blogging regularly very soon.  I love to write and it’s very therapeutic.  My next post will include an update about a children’s book i’m working on.  Thanks to a good friend of mine who helped push me to get it started.  I now need to follow through with it and get it done.  thanks for following and visiting.

– Hector