We can all remember the days in middle school and high school where we marched as a group to the auditorium for an “assembly”.  Most of the time is was some lame presentation or some old guy standing there telling us not to do drugs and practice safe sex.  We all most likely can’t even remember that person or recall anything that stood out.  Can you?

Assemblies should be fun, exciting, and powerful.  They should leave young people walking out wanting more or even asking their friends, “What just happened in there?”  They should be challenging and compelling, and most of all, they should touch people’s hearts.

Walk into a SHIFT assembly and you’ll hear music before you even enter the doors.  You’ll see a DJ with a full setup on the stage, mixing it up for what some may think is a party.  Depending on where we’re speaking and what we’re doing you may see a huge video screen behind us, ready to throw down some video or youtube clips.  You may even see a few teenagers playing Wii on our big screen.  You’ll see break dancers, bmx riders, turntablesand maybe even some skaters, waiting on the side lines, ready to go.  We’ll use all of these elements and more (not all at one time or one event), to break it all down and remove any barriers that might be there.  At the same time, we simply want to have a good time.  We use the elements strategically to deliver an even more strategic message.  We do it with respect, with care, and with love.

Our message is very simple.  It’s a push to “make a shift” and make an impact on the world around us through change.  We don’t push empty “change” as we saw in the past presidential election, but real change, from the inside out.

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