It’s Christmas Eve and barely last night did I begin purchasing gifts for my family.  I don’t buy much and the gifts are usually just for my mom, nieces and nephews, and if I buy anything for my brothers it’s usually a gag gift or socks, which is the typical default Mexican Christmas present.  Lol, I have so many memories of getting so many pairs of socks from aunts and uncles as I was growing up.  They weren’t even cool socks either, they were plain white tube socks.  Lots and lots and lots of socks.  Once you hit about 10yrs old, you can say goodbye to cool Christmas gifts and count on making more room in your clothes drawer for a shit load of socks.

I love Christmas, and though it’s my favorite part of the year, the hardest part of the holiday is what’s at it’s core, and that’s purchasing gifts.   I know, it makes no sense since that’s what drives the holiday, but what’s challenging is the pressure to purchase gifts out of obligation, and not necessarily because you want to give out of the kindness of your heart.  I procrastinate because it’s frustrating having to roam the stores with 10,000 other people and figure out what to get for people who pretty much have everything they need.

Aside from these scrooge-like tendancies, I do admit that giving gifts is fun and I love the different “spirit” that’s in the air.  People seem to be in better moods and I feel that the “giving” nature of Christmas is a powerful force that brings out a lot of good once a year.   Receiving gifts isn’t that bad either, but if I could receive a gift, I think I’d prefer receiving something unexpectedly.  I would get much more out of a present that was given to me for no reason and without any strings attached, and I would imagine that that would be the case for most.

Imagine that for a minute. You’re at home, cleaning your house or cutting your grass when all of sudden the UPS truck pulls up with some small packages and they have your name on them.  You can’t remember having ordered anything and to your surprise it was just a thoughtful gift from someone who wanted to give to you for no reason at all.  Receiving a “just because” gift is powerful and a lot more meaningful than giving because a holiday dictates it.  Those are the gifts you’ll always remember.

If I would have posted this earlier in the week or a few weeks ago, my advice to everyone would be to do your best to put your heart into the gift giving process.  It’s a little too late to encourage you to not give out of obligation since most of you have already purchased and wrapped all of your gifts.  A week or more ago I would have encouraged you to make it personal and do it with love, and hopefully many of you have probably been doing that anyway.  Maybe.  Or Not.

What I can do this morning though is wish you all an awesome Christmas, and remind you and myself to not get caught up in the commercialization of the holiday and show more love than you ever have to your family, friends, strangers and that asshole driving like a crazy person on the freeway as you rush to Target for last minute gifts and wrapping paper.  Have fun this weekend and maybe a month or two from now, surprise a family member or friend with a gift for no reason. Do it “just because” and see how good it feels to give when no one is expecting or telling you to.  And if you need to practice, feel free to drop off gifts on my porch or office.  DM me for my address.  Ok, thanks.

Merry Christmas.

– Hector



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