“The word “shift” is the best word that I could think of that best describes my life.  Growing up surrounded by family that abused alchohol and drugs, I constantly found my self going against the grain and working to live a life that was forever “shifting”.  Why I never experimented with drugs or took a liking to alcohol is something that I can only explain as choice and preference, along with a feeling that God has always had his hand on my life and has a greater calling for me.

hectorbwAmong my three other brothers, I was always considered the “good son”.  It wasn’t because of my good looks :), but probably because I didn’t smoke, drink, do drugs, I graduated high school, received a 4 year scholarship, took care of my mother, always seem to put other’s first, and above all, my love for God.  Pretty good I guess, but all of this was because of a conscious choice to do “good” and strive to be something more than average.

I’ve never been satisfied with where I’m at in life and I’m constantly looking for more ways to grow personally and spiritually.  My love and passion for life and people drives me to succeed in anything and everything that I do, while at the same time looking for opportunities to give and serve others.

My first car right out of high school was a Volkswagen Super Beetle.  It was fat and yellow and I loved it.  My aunt helped me purchase that car and though I didn’t know how to drive a stick shift, I was determined to learn while driving the car home from purchase.  After a few hours of ramming gears into place and stalling at almost every corner, I started getting the hang of it and my drive in that big yellow insect became a lot smoother and enjoyable.  I learned how to shift those gears like a champ, and now, of course I’m a master.  Really, I am.

But this is how we should be living life; constantly shifting gears and mastering our drive through life.  Shifting through life requires the ability and desire to always change and never be satisfied with one gear.  Doing this keeps us moving, growing, and will take us where we need to be.

This is the purpose of SHIFT and this is the message that I will work to share with youth and adults alike.  Every person has a purpose and calling, and I hope to bring that calling out through an encouragement and push for everyone to SHIFT.”

– Hector Garcia